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Teatro Casino Prado c / Francesc Gumà, 6-14. Sitges - -



Sitges 22.07.2024 - 30.07.2024



Registration can be made until July 21, at 10 pm, using the form on the Open website: .

Registrations will only be considered valid once the payment of the registration fee has been verified, which can be done by secure payment with Visa/Mastercard debit/credit cards, through Banco de Sabadell's POS, or by Bizum, at the same open website.

The organization reserves the right of admission
For inquiries (not registrations):





€ 60

€ 55

Youth < 18  /

veterans> 65

€ 45

€ 40

The players invited by the organization, as well as the current champions of Catalonia aged between sub-8 and sub-20, are exempt from paying the registration fee.

A disc
ount (not cumulative) will apply in the following circumstances :

  1. 5€ for participants of the open Sunway 2023 (likewise, whoever participates in this open will also have a discount in the registration of the open Sunway 2024)

  2. 5€ for players with disabilities recognized by the FCd'E

  3. 10€ for subscribers to the “Peón de Rey” magazine


An additional discount of 5€ will apply for players who make the payment before June 22, 2024

Tiebreakers will be valid both for classification purposes and for obtaining trophies and cash prizes.
Therefore, neither trophies nor prize money will be divisible between players tied on points.
The tiebreaker system
, which will be drawn at the end of the last round, will be:

  1. Recursive performance

  2. Performance

  3. Average rating of the opponents (minus the two worst)

Mr. Antoni Ferret Soler

Mr. Manuel Navarro (international referee)

The Competition Committee will be made up of the tournament director and 4 players (2 starters and 2 reserves), chosen among the tournament participants, and to whom they may appeal, at the latest before the end of the round in play, and in writing, the decisions of the head referee.

The decisions of the committee will be final but there will be an official claim form from the FCd'E.


  1. Participation in the tournament implies knowledge and acceptance of these rules.

  2. Anything that is not provided for in these rules will be resolved by applying the regulations of the XX Catalan Circuit of International Chess Opens 2024, and ultimately the FIDE, FEDA or FCd’E regulations.

  3. It will be the responsibility of each player to register in the correct group and check that the data that appears in the different registration lists and in the classifications is correct.

  4. The winning players (or both in the case of draws) will be responsible for communicating the result of their games to the arbitration team. In the event that the result of a game has not been notified to the arbitration team, the game will be considered lost for both players.

  5. Players agree to attend the game rooms with the proper clothing and to have a correct and sporting behaviour. Smoking will not be allowed in the game room.

  6. According to FIDE regulations, inside the game room, players may not carry mobile phones or any electronic device that could serve to provide any kind of help to players. Instead, they will be allowed to be turned off, inside bags or backpacks. It is advisable to use the free storage service provided by the organisation for your mobile phone.

  7. The participants give the right to their image to the organization for the dissemination of the tournament, and the promotion of chess.

  8. The organization reserves the right to cancel the tournament, due to a case of force majeure. In this case, the registration fee will be refunded.

  9. These rules may be modified before 07.01.2024.

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The tournament scores for the XX Catalan Circuit of International Open Chess 2024 ( ) and valid for FIDE, FEDA and FCd'E norms and ratings.

Casino Prado Theater. c / Francesc Gumà, 6-14. Sitges (100 meters from the Renfe station).
Adapted for people with physical disabilities, with air conditioning and annexed analysis space.

From 22nd to 29th of July, the rounds will start at 4:30 p.m.
On the 30th, the last round will begin at 9:30 a.m., at the end of which the prizes will be awarded.

Open to all players with a valid FCE, FEDA or FIDE license and who have a FIDE rating ≥ 1950.

The organisation reserves the right to invite a limited number of players with an ELO lower than 1950, but waiving prizes for sections of the Catalan Circuit

Open to all players with a valid FCE, FEDA or FIDE license and who have a FIDE rating <1950.


Swiss system, 9 rounds.
The game time will be 90 min. per player + 30 sec. per move

The pairings of the rounds will be made through the "Swiss Manager" program and will be published daily on the Open website: and on (fed=CAT), at the end of the rounds.
The pairings of the first round will be published, at the latest, at 10 am on the same day.

The maximum waiting time from the indicated time to start the game will be one hour.
Any player who does not show up for a round, without just cause, will be excluded from the tournament.
Up to two breaks ("byes") may be requested, assigning zero points in each of them

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